Jadeite Knowledge

How to distinguish real and fake jadeite?


Type A is pure natural jadeite, refers to those jadeites that have only been carved and polished, without any chemical treatment, and without artificial forgery such as high heat and high pressure.

Type A Jadeite is natural in colour, undyed. With the naked eye, the texture is delicate, the colour is soft, and the stone pattern is obvious; the sound is crisp and pleasant with a slight impact; the hand has a heavy feeling, which is obviously different from other stones.


Type B Jadeite is a product that is artificially processed with natural jadeite rough. Its essence is still the raw material of jadeite, just because its texture is not good enough and some impurities are too many, the merchants in order to achieve the purpose of sales product of beautification

Normal soaked in strong acid, Corrosion and dissolution of impurities, stains, making it clear and bright. The jadeite washed with strong acid has a loose structure, and the commonly used method is vacuum negative pressure method. Inject clear resin, After polishing, it is almost indistinguishable from high-grade jadeite.



Type C Jadeite are processed by artificial colour addition Jadeite's collective name, The name of C jadeite comes from "Colour", which means adding colour and dyeing. Type C Jadeite is commonly dyed in green, but also dyed in yellow, purple, and red, to satisfy people's pursuit and love for the colour of jadeite.

However, dyed jadeite has poor durability, and will fade when exposed to ultraviolet light, high temperature or contact with chemical liquids.